The Garden Continues to Bring Good Looking Vegetables

The Garden Continues to Bring Good Looking Vegetables

From Cookie: The garden continues to bring good looking vegetables. I brought home some tomatoes and made some ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’, I also used some of the small cherry tomotoes from the garden for a salad. I am patiently waiting
for the greens to be ready, then look out, ‘Cornbread and Collard greens’..Yummy!!

The flower garden looks good as well. The colors of the orange and yellows give the spirit of a peaceful summer day.

Drop by and feel the magic of the garden!!! .

A Note From Eric and Maureen Miller of The Lawn Academy:

The Lawn Academy did great work in CSV this summer! We are grateful and looking forward to their help next summer. Below is a note from Eric and Maureen Miller of the Lawn Academy:

The Lawn Academy young men are heading back to school in a week and we had our end-of-season closing ceremony yesterday. The parents were thankful of the opportunity to have their sons participate in the program. Also, the young men expressed their gratitude to everyone that assisted them this summer. I want to thank you and the Cornerstone Village Association for providing an avenue for the young men to be productive and contribute in a positive way to their community. We look forward to partnering with you next summer.

May God continue to bless you,
Eric and Maureen Miller
The LAWN Academy