Bring Your Compost Materials to the Hereford Community Garden

Bring Your Compost Materials to the Hereford Community Garden

Bring your compost materials to the Hereford Community Garden. Green vegetation, leaves, and shredded paper…. Add to the pile that Lisa started …
Get acquainted with cornerstone village.
Drive around see the action. Start with your street but don’t stop there. After you have driven and looked, give your comments on the real world of Cornerstone…good, bad and desired.

Balduck Park Community Meeting

Balduck Park Community Meeting

Hello Cornerstone Villagers,

Come out to the Balduck Park Community Meeting.

Mon, September 16, 2013 from
6:00p.m- 7:30p.m

At Bethany Christian Church
5901 Cadieux, Detroit, MI. 48224 (Between I-94 and Chandler Park Drive)

Let’s discuss how we can make and keep Balduck Park a source of pride and delight in our community.

We need your ideas and participation!

Refreshments will be served!