Community Unity Walk – Mack Avenue; from Cadieux to Alter Rd.

Community Unity Walk – Saturday, May 2

Come join us for the ‘Community Unity Walk’
Saturday, May 2 at 11:00a.m.

Honoring The Lives Of

Paige Stalker and Christina Samuel

Uniting for the safety of all children

Keynote Speaker: Mike Duggan, Detroit Mayor; 
also attending: James Craig, Detroit Police Chief; Fredrick Wilson; Detroit Children’s Choir

Walking Route:
Mack Avenue; from Cadieux to Alter Rd.

For more information, please visit:

The Eastside Ride and Walk – Meet Up at Canyon and E. Warren

The Eastside Ride and Walk – Sunday, May 3

Eastside Ride and Walk May 3 is inaugural ride and walk.
Bring your bike ready to ride. 4:00p.m. is the meet up time.
Canyon and E. Warren is the meet up place.

You can sign up at the startup place and there is refreshments at the finish, 5:15p.m. Come get some exercise; Ride with your neighbors and feel great against the wind :).

Corner of Canyon St. And E Warren Ave
Map Location:

Motor City Makeover – Balduck Park, at the corner of Canyon and East Warren

Motor City Makeover – Saturday, May 9

Come join us for the clean up of East Warren. This year’s
Motor City Makeover we plan to clean East Warren. The
Start time: 10:00a.m., End time: 12noon. The meeting place will be Balduck Park, at the corner of Canyon and East Warren.

May’s CSV Monthly Meeting Will be a ‘Garden Party’ at Hereford and Southampton!

May’s CSV monthly meeting – Saturday, May 16

Cornerstone Village’s May Monthly meeting on Saturday,
May 16 will be a ‘Garden Party’ at Hereford and Southampton.

Prepping, Planting, and lunch are planned. The success of gofundme is exciting and the check should arrive the week of May 11. The meeting place is at the Cornerstone Village garden at the corner of Southampton St & Hereford St. Please come join us for a little work and a lot of fun!! :).

Corner of Southampton St. and Hereford St.
Map Location:

(Again, In May, we will not meet at the church, instead; we
will meet at the Cornerstone Village garden).