12/27/19 End-Of-Year Cornerstone Village Donation Request πŸ¦“

Please consider making an end-of-year donation to the Cornerstone Village organization (CSV). Help keep our organization strong! The donation that we receive will go toward the mission statement that we are built upon: Safety, Harmony and Beautification! Along with Empowerment! Your financial contributions are appreciated and tax deductible.

Ways to donate:

  • Donations are accepted (in any amount) at our meetings
  • You can send a check or money order donation to: Cornerstone Village, P.O. Box 36696, Detroit MI 48236-0696
  • AND we accept donations through PayPal.

You can designate a donation for specific purposes:

  1. General Funds
  2. Newsletter Printing & Distribution
  3. Board-up Projects
  4. Arts Design & Projects
  5. Cornerstone Village Signs
  6. Photos and Presentation Materials
  7. Refreshments 8. Garden Fund

For more information, contact us at cornerstone.village@yahoo.com or call (313) 882-1838.

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cornerstone village

Our newsletter is published by way of e-mail. To be on the mailing list and find out what's happening, send an email to: cornerstone.village@yahoo.com. Include your name, address and telephone number. Your privacy will be protected. The demographic information is used solely to determine how we can better help you. Tell your friends about us! Share our page on your profile or send them our address www.facebook.com/cornerstonevillagedetroit.

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