10/12/19 Cornerstone Village’s Garden Cleanup and Winter Preparation

From the desk of CSV’s own Cookie Mo 👩🏾‍💻

Hello Neighbors:

Please mark your calendar for the following garden event:

‘Cornerstone Village’s Garden Cleanup and Winter Preparation’

Sat, Oct 12, 10:30am

Location: 5415 Hereford (Corner of Hereford and Southampton) Google location: https://goo.gl/maps/hsnxAVnj3Ps

We will be preparing the area for next year. Please bring shovels! We need your help!

Refreshments will be available. 🍺 🥞 🌮

Hope to see you there!


Motorcity Makeover 2019

This year, we spent our Motorcity Makeover at the Cornerstone Village Community Garden on Hereford and Southhampton.

It was a chilly day, but we had a good turnout! Joining us was District 4 Manager Letty Azar

We planted white and red onions, cucumbers, collard greens, romaine and salad blend lettuce, parsley, cilantro, tomatoes, peppers, acorn squash and much more!

Pictured: The intrepid President Jim Grenwick and District 4 Manager Letty Azar

Come back to our news page soon for more garden updates!

If you wish to donate towards the maintenance of the garden, please go to our GoFundMe.

May’s CSV Monthly Meeting Will be a ‘Garden Party’ at Hereford and Southampton!

May’s CSV monthly meeting – Saturday, May 16

Cornerstone Village’s May Monthly meeting on Saturday,
May 16 will be a ‘Garden Party’ at Hereford and Southampton.

Prepping, Planting, and lunch are planned. The success of gofundme is exciting and the check should arrive the week of May 11. The meeting place is at the Cornerstone Village garden at the corner of Southampton St & Hereford St. Please come join us for a little work and a lot of fun!! :).

Corner of Southampton St. and Hereford St.
Map Location: http://goo.gl/maps/yPYRn

(Again, In May, we will not meet at the church, instead; we
will meet at the Cornerstone Village garden).

Bring Your Compost Materials to the Hereford Community Garden

Bring Your Compost Materials to the Hereford Community Garden

Bring your compost materials to the Hereford Community Garden. Green vegetation, leaves, and shredded paper…. Add to the pile that Lisa started …
Get acquainted with cornerstone village.
Drive around see the action. Start with your street but don’t stop there. After you have driven and looked, give your comments on the real world of Cornerstone…good, bad and desired.

The Garden Continues to Bring Good Looking Vegetables

The Garden Continues to Bring Good Looking Vegetables

From Cookie: The garden continues to bring good looking vegetables. I brought home some tomatoes and made some ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’, I also used some of the small cherry tomotoes from the garden for a salad. I am patiently waiting
for the greens to be ready, then look out, ‘Cornbread and Collard greens’..Yummy!!

The flower garden looks good as well. The colors of the orange and yellows give the spirit of a peaceful summer day.

Drop by and feel the magic of the garden!!! .

Cornerstone Village is seeking donations of cash and materials for our community garden

Cornerstone Village is seeking donations of cash and materials for our community garden

Cornerstone Village is seeking donations of cash and materials for our community garden.

We need the following (Updated 6/5/13):

We received all the supplies we need.  Thank you to everyone who donated!

As always, you can make monetary donations by PayPal or by mail.  Please take part and make a donation of any amount. See the “how you can help/donations” section for more information.

You financial contributions are appreciated and tax deductible to the extent of the law. Cornerstone Village is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.