About Us

If you live between Cadieux & Kingsville, I-94 & Mack

We were formally established as Organized Neighbors East in 1977 for the purpose of maintaining and improving the neighborhood. A few years ago, we changed our name to Cornerstone Village to reflect that we are the easternmost corner of Detroit’s east side. We have had great successes in the past, protecting our park and other key areas from undesirable development. One project the Board recently worked on was petitioning the City to have our dangerous homes demolished.

Benefits of Participation

We bring City, County and the State closer to you. We have met with city officials and gotten results with our complaints and requests. Do you need help with unruly neighbors? Are you tired of seeing trash on the curb for weeks on end? Is there a dilapidated house near you that needs to be demolished? We can help solve these problems and more.

We also encourage you to check out our regularly-updated Who-to-Call list to access officials directly.

Our online newsletter is emailed monthly. To be on the mailing list and find out what’s happening, send an email to:  cornerstone.village@yahoo.comInclude your name, address and telephone number. Your privacy will be protected. The demographic information is used solely to determine how we can better help you. Tell your friends about us!

To join Nextdoor – email cornerstone.village@yahoo.com and note you want to join Nextdoor

We meet on the 3rd Saturday of every month at Love Rising Lutheran Church* from 10 am – 12 noon. Check out our blog or go to our Facebook wall for next month’s meeting details as well as upcoming events!

*Formerly Salem Memorial Lutheran Church, still at the same location at 21230 Moross Rd. Detroit, MI. 48236. Intersection: Chester & Moross

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