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Cornerstone Village

PO Box 36696

Detroit, MI 48236

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To be on the mailing list and find out what’s happening, send an email to: Include your name, address and telephone number. Your privacy will be protected. The demographic information is used solely to determine how we can better help you. Tell your friends about us!

3 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I have not recieved any e-mails or alerts. It is 12:24pm. I was thinking the meeting started at 1pm. I want to attend all meetings. I should have called Jim . My mistake. Sandra Bradford

  2. Why Farmbrook St. don’t have speed bumps on our street, they speed up and down this street @ 70 & 80 mph all day and all night. Even on occasions the yellow Buses speed. Why is Radnor the only street , it has gotten worst since the $ tree store moved in. Jim can you explain why.

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